Dimensional Calibration

Dimensional Calibration

Vertex Calibration’s dimensional calibration laboratories are ISO-17025 accredited. We provide extensive, accurate and timely dimensional calibration, repair and services.

Our dimensional services can be performed onsite or in our state-of-the-art laboratories

Why Calibrate with Us?

  • Fully Authorized Accredited Calibration
  • All Calibrations Are ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Certified
  • Equipment Used Is Traceable To Nist Standards
  • Quality And Accuracy Are Our Leading Criteria
  • Calibrations Beyond Factory Specifications
  • Technicians Trained To The Highest Standards
  • All Calibrations Done In House

Our scope

  • Air Gauges Calibration
  • Amplifier Calibration, Electronic
  • Angle Blocks Calibration
  • Angle Plate Calibration
  • Bench Centers Calibration
  • Bore Gauges Calibration
  • Calipers Calibration
  • Chamfer Gauges Calibration
  • Coordinate Measuring Machines Calibration
  • Crimpers Calibration
  • Cylindrical Geometry Calibration
  • Cylindrical Plug Gauge Calibration
  • Cylindrical Ring Gauge Calibration
  • Depth Gauges Calibration
  • Digital Readouts Calibration
  • Feeler Gauges Calibration
  • Gauge Blocks Calibration
  • Glass Scales Calibration
  • Hardness Testers Calibration
  • Height Gauges Calibration
  • Height Masters Calibration
  • Hole Gauges Calibration
  • Horizontal Measuring Systems Calibration
  • Indicator Calibration, Dial
  • Indicator Calibration, Electronic
  • Laser Micrometers Calibration
  • Length Measuring Standards Calibration
  • Levels Calibration, Bubble
  • Master Setting Plugs Calibration
  • Master Setting Rings Calibration
  • Micrometers Calibration
  • Micrometer Standards Calibration
  • Microscopes Calibration
  • Optical Comparators Calibration
  • Optical Flats Calibration
  • Optical Parallels Calibration
  • Parallels Calibration
  • Part Inspections Calibration
  • PI Tapes Calibration
  • Pin Gauges Calibration
  • Protractors Calibration
  • Protractors Calibration, Digital
  • Radius Gauges Calibration
  • Roundness Machines Calibration
  • Rules Calibration
  • Sine Bars Calibration
  • Snap Gauges Calibration
  • Squares Calibration, Cylindrical
  • Straight Edges Calibration
  • Super Micrometers Calibration
  • Surface Finish Analyzers Calibration
  • Surface Finish Standards Calibration
  • Surface Plates Calibration
  • Tape Measures Calibration
  • Thickness Gauges Calibration
  • Thread Plugs Calibration
  • Thread Rings Calibration
  • Thread Wires Calibration
  • Tool Presetters Calibration
  • Vee Blocks Calibration
  • Video Measuring Machines Calibration
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